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  • My name is Filip Gulan and my nick-name is Raiper34. I am independent game developer (in this time, mainly html5 game developer) and also student of Brno University of Technology. I am living as game designer (I do not want to say exactly game programmer) since 2008, I started to develop my games in Game Maker 5 and then moved to Construct Classic. I was admin of first and only czech and slovak construct commnity and I advised people, how to use construct. Now I am learning Phaser html5 framework and I am working on some personal for fun projects. Programming and mainly game developing are my the biggest love. I work on some games. I was ex-editor in androidhryaplikacie.sk, cshry.cz and mobagames.cz. I was helping with begining of itnetwork.cz. My hobbies are also listening metal music, reading fantasy and sci-fi, sometimes tv shows and even japan anime, sci-fi and fantasy films, thinking, mysticism and sometimes escaping from reality, aka BEER :-D.

    If I like you and I can offer some services to you, or conversely, write e-mail and we can "deal".